How it Works

Legal Weed for is the Uber of marijuana. Our customers are in love with the convenience and ease the on-demand system brings.

It benefits people with busy schedules, mobility issues, and any number of other reasons. Medical marijuana is essential for a great number of sick people. Legal Weed for gives them a way to access this wonder drug.

Legal Weed for works on a similar principle to Uber:

  • Customers create a simple account. Creating your account is quick and easy to start, and our menu is constantly being updated with new products – each accompanied with in-depth descriptions, photos, and fellow customer reviews, so you can feel confident with your marijuana delivery.
  • Hop onto our online store and order away – fill your cart with a wide variety of indica, sativa, or hybrid strains and don’t forget a delicious weed infused edible or two for later.

You can make your purchase:

  • On your computer/laptop on our website under our “Shop” tab. (Please call and confirm your order if placed online at 1-866-322-WEED)
  • Once your order is placed, your marijuana delivery is on its way, you will be notified:
  • via email that shows the details of your order (an email address is mandatory to place your order)
  • via text with a tracking app that shows your driver’s ETA and route
  • A driver is sent to your location. PLEASE MAKE SURE to have your phone handy, as your driver will be calling you with updates regarding your order and if your delivery will be delivered sooner or later than discussed. (Your driver will try contacting you 2-3 times, if the driver does not hear from you after 5 minutes of not being able to contact you, they will need to move onto their next delivery, pushing your order to the back of their route.)
  • You will need CASH to pay the driver so make sure you have the amount on you. (Our drivers no longer carry change for safety reasons, so please make sure you have the exact amount)
  • Each of our drivers we have, are all informative and helpful. Our driver’s go out of their way to ensure you know everything. If you have any questions, we recommend asking the driver. If they help you a lot, why not give them a small tip too.
  • Once your drive arrives, they will call you. (If you happen to need our driver to come to your door, please let them know as we are happy to accommodate)